Discover the most stylish bill holders

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Discover the most stylish bill holders

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Bill Holder

The quality of a bill holder is not to be neglected, because it is one of the last memories of your establishment. All bill holders can be personalized to meet your needs and to have your logo. Logo or text can be engraved, laser-cut or foiled. We can combine two different materials or textures.

Wooden Bill Holder

  • Great modern minimalistic and at the same time vintage look
  • Can be with your logo or any inscription
  • Resistant against wear
  • Various colors (vivid bright colors, trending natural whitewash, dark tones)

Leather Bill Holder

  • Leather is strong, flexible and durable material
  • High quality leather
  • Variety of colors

PU Leather

  • Durable and resistant against wear
  • PU leather is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer
  • 100% PU leather is completely artificial and is considered vegan
  • PU doesn’t absorb water which makes it easy to clean
  • Variety of colors and textures

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